Bonus Bonanza at the MoD

Posted by National Defence Medal on February 26, 2009 at 3:09 AM

More than £50 million has been set aside to pay bonuses to civil servants in the Ministry of Defence (MoD), it emerged tonight.


Mandarins will pocket an average of £8,000 each while more junior grades will take home £775, Veterans Minister Kevan Jones told MPs.


In a parliamentary answer Mr Jones said the bonuses for 2008-9 were designed to reward those who have made the "greatest contributions".


Of the £1.827 billion pay bill for MoD staff below the Senior Civil Service, 2.7% (£49,329,000) was set aside for "non-consolidated performance awards".


At the Senior Civil Service level, of the £18.4 million wages bill 8.6% (£1,582,400) was earmarked for bonuses.

We thought this worthy of a post for comment.  The contribution of the many veterans is not seen fit to warrant the smallest token of gratitude for a difficult and demanding job well done. An NDM that in monetry value is tiny, but in meaning and worth is huge, is this really too much in comparison.

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Reply expat
4:54 AM on February 26, 2009 
If the bonus was designed to reward those who have made the"greatest contributions", then how come we are not getting our share? They can't even keep their books up to scratch, which has lost them millions of pounds and have to defer the building of Ships as they are short of money.
This is utterly disgraceful, they deserve nothing short of contempt, they are the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to have dealings with, even though it was at a distance.
Reply Tanker
5:00 AM on February 26, 2009 
This has me wondering, it really does. One would normally expect to get a bonus based on exceptional performance but quite how that criteria can be applied to Civil Servants is a bit baffling? All of the worlds economies are shrinking at this moment. So this is a very strange time to be announcing this sort of government largesse, on top of a taxpayer funded bail out of the major greed factories too. Couple this with the dismissive words expressed by Mr Kevan Jones in his rather cavalier handling of the NDM issue that is so close to all of our hears and it really does show, quite clearly, just how much appreciation there is for past service in HM's Forces.. I have always been rather proud of my time in uniform but I have to say that the current situation and expressed attitudes towards we veterans, makes me ashamed to be British. According to what I have read elsewhere, other counties have an entirely different attitude to their veterans. What on earth is wrong with these people that come to decisions that put so many people offside, then go and look after themselves without so much as a blush. They must have hides like a Rhino's.

Reply NSVA Member.
5:14 AM on February 26, 2009 
My pay was 28 bob a week. What a pittance. Rotten food serving in absolute shitholes with poor accommodation.
Did my duty without complaint except amongst my mates.
This lousy government valued my service at £0.85p a siily unofficial badge.
I have utter contempt for the government, HD Committee, the ministry of deceit
and the CDS. They lack honour and compassion.
Am I angry? Yes. Am I bitter ? Yes, as are the 400 + members of we the smaller
NS association. Thank goodness so many more organizations are joining in this campaign. We have to win.
Reply J.M.
1:40 PM on February 26, 2009 
I don't remember anybody in uniform getting a bonus (certainly not in my time) I do however having to continue to pay tax and other costs even though posted overseas on operations in the desert. Is the desk bound world it is not seen as significant enough even for an NDM. Should have stayed at home.
Reply Flyboy
3:17 PM on February 26, 2009 
What is this new Bonus culture in the public sector all about?
What profit have they been making for the country?
As far as I can see they consume our tax not contribute. It is absolute madness.
With this in mind how dare they suggest that cost is a factor in not giving the Veterans a gong.
Reply Old Sweat
7:55 PM on February 26, 2009 
Could we be being a bit harsh here? I mean to say, the risks of getting run down by a car while crossing the road to get to the MoD have to be vectored in don'cher know? Likewise the perils of falling asleep at the console and inadvertantly dumping coffee in one's lap. Not to mention the risk of RSI problems from the constant shaking of the head at every request from the hoi polloi. Then there is the stress of having to pass the buck as adroitly as possible, without any fumbles of misfields. It's not all sweetness and light for these dedicated Pencileers, Erasermen and Coffee-Carriers you know. Awarding the longer lasting of these sterling fellows with the odd Imperial Service Medal, OBE, MBE or even an occasional Knightood is far cheaper than allowing a single medal for veterans to be brought out after all.

Their self sacrifice in countless conferences, where battalions of the Chairborne brigades skirmish to see who can make the biggest cut, or create the most expensive cost overrun are at least as exhausting and traumatic as sleeping rough for days on end or being separated from wife and family for months at a time. Then there is the strain of having to decide where to spend ones holidays, Iraq and Afghanistan are out of course. as they are fully subscribed by others. So these good people are somewhat restricted as to where they can go for a break away from it all, shame, eh?

So there they are, slaving industriously away at allowing married quarters to become slums, wounded veterans to become NHS beneficaries, front-liners to be short of gear and all the other myriad things that we veterans ought to be truly grateful for not being short of anymore ourselves.

It really is too-too selfish of us to seek something that these philanthropic and warm hearted people can all too easily see would only make us happier with our lot in life. They see it as their duty to save us from any sort of extravagance that might be misconstrued as a mark of appreciation. It is only right that they be rewarded for their unstinting PUBIC service. From where else could you get your arse regularly reamed out for free?
Reply Subaltern.
5:14 AM on February 27, 2009 
Simply they could not care less. As the NSVA member states they lack honour, integrity and compassion. We should judge them accordingly and register contempt politely and whenever possible. We deserve better.
Reply p.j.wilson
2:54 PM on February 28, 2009 
This is probably the same £50 million that the Ministry of Justice was given by the treasury to get Prison officers to accept Workforce modernisation but the Prison Officers rejected it so MOJ had to reluctantly give it back !

This is probably the same £50 million that the Ministry of Justice was given by the treasury to get Prison officers to accept Workforce modernisation but the Prison Officers rejected it so MOJ had to reluctantly give it back !
Reply Pusser RN
7:11 AM on March 3, 2009 
Looks like R.T.Coney at the MoDeceit will take home a nice little earner of £7K.
This is a guesstimate -possibly he would like to reply. But of course he won't.
They are all gash hands in my opinion who love their little bit of power and believe they are masters of all they survey. Little do they know !
Reply bruce james
11:04 AM on March 5, 2009 
I agree in principle to the idea of all service veterans receiving a medal as a mark of their service. Also one should not forget that some veterans were heavily involved in the anti IRA campaign but never left the UK whilst Certain RAF junior officers were flown over to sit in the mess at RAF Aldergrove in order that they could ne awarded a medal.