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Campaign Update

Posted by National Defence Medal on September 9, 2015 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (178)

Link to 38% Campaign

Hi folks,

Padre asked about what was going on at the moment, as the entry is in the thread about 'Hacking', I though it best to reply with a fresh thread.

Currently the 38% Campaign stands at 4112.  It's therefore vital that all members keep spreading the word and encouraging people to sign up, it's simply not enought to have signed yourself, we need to get the message across to as many as possible, so please keep up the good work.  If we can raise this total to over 10,000 then the 30% campaign team may get behind the campaign and help it go national.

I believe around 12,000 signed up to a separate petition under the heading Waterloo Petition, which was started some time ago by Major (Ret’d) Fowler to rasie awareness and support for the NDM.  We should be able to draw on this support when the time is right.

The FOI complaint is on going but looks like it will be upheld so we await developments there, and this may yield a positive result in getting some answers to the last decision.

On the Media front several member will be taking part in a BBC Look North programme to put the case for the NDM across to the wider public.  More details when known.

If you are prepared to be interviewd locally then can I suggest you contact your local newspaper and offer to tell your story and help promote the campaign.  If you get a positive response then either myself, Tony or Paul will be happy to help supply the overview or any support you need.

It has been said before but it is worth repeating, the only way we will shift this Governments stance on the NDM is by massive public support and by shaming them into action.  At the moment as far as the Government are concerned they have dealt with the issue, it's our job to change that attitude.

We have had a number of new members join in the last month or two so I'd like to  take this opportunity to welcome them all along and hope they too will become actively involved in what will be a just but long and difficult struggle for recognition.



Posted by National Defence Medal on August 19, 2015 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (13)

Hi folks,

One of the members seems to have had their email account hacked.  A number of members have receievd emails proporting to be from Tony Morland but with the email address gneiss,geyser. These emails are nothing to do with the NDM but have links to address elsewhere.

Please be on you guard if you receive any such fake emails, best thing to do if you have Outlook express is go to Tools, Message and Block Sender.

I've contacted the person who owns the email address so ho[pefully they will take some action to sort the problem.

This appears to be an individual problem not a site problem with the hacker feeding off the individuals address book..

Many thanks


Msg from Joanna Lumley

Posted by National Defence Medal on August 4, 2015 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (22)

Brian Sheppard received the following from Miss Joanna Lumley.  Welcome support indeed.

Message from the 'Veterans Sweetheart' Sarah Dennis

Posted by National Defence Medal on July 3, 2015 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (27)

Message to the National Defence Medal Team from the “Veterans Sweetheart” Sarah Dennis:


Thank you for keeping me informed of the progress of the NDM Campaign.


I recently met a veteran and his wife - I was sitting behind them during a service at The National Arboretum, the President of the RBL was giving his speech and mentioned how pleased he was to see the Veterans sitting there wearing their 'medals' with pride. The Veteran turned to his wife and said 'They didn't give me one' my heart sank and I felt even more just how important the work you are doing is - to get the NDM implemented.


Please let your members know that I fully support the campaign to have the NDM instituted and I wish them well in their endeavors. If I can help in any way please let me know.



Please take a moment to visit Sarah's Website to see her wonderful work:

NDM turns to 38Degrees

Posted by National Defence Medal on June 24, 2015 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (95)

The campaign team have pushed ahead with the suggestion to re-engage with 38Degrees.

If the new petition goes well there is a chance it could be adopted for a National push.

We must make this decision an easy one by getting as many signatures, and as quickly as possible.

38 Degrees have an envious success record with National campaigns and can reach an audience we can only dream of.

But first we must once again do the hard leg work of getting the numbers up.  10,000 from us could be enough to get us National and then 100,000 signatures with National coverage could realistically follow.

Lets get to it:                   

Official Recognition for our Veterans

What Next? Under Consideration.......

Posted by National Defence Medal on May 10, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (160)

There have been some great ideas floated here on various Blog entries, but none that we have not tried before over the last 8 years. Having said that lots has happened between then and now.


The election result will make it more difficult than ever to change what happened at the medal review. We are a small team and cannot hope to contact all the celebs and TV programmes suggested so I urge you to do so on the campaigns behalf. If a lead looks like progressing to something substantial then we can jump in to bring something to fruition.


If you are tired of waiting, get active! The full submission can be downloaded via the links on the left-hand side, let that be your guide, add in your personal story to add a little colour and interest. Get busy.


Strategically we are still considering several new proposals for direction. Be patient there is no use rushing to the wrong conclusion.

Time to take stock

Posted by National Defence Medal on March 26, 2015 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (385)

The campaign team are currently taking stock of recent events. Much has happened over the past year, and the conclusion we all hoped for did not materialise. If that decision against the NDM was shown to be fair, independent and well informed, I think we would finally accept defeat, however that is far from the case, and there is evidence suggesting, sadly, some processes have been less than proper.


Post-election we will publish the next steps we intend to take. There have been many ideas floated on the blog and other places, many of which have been tried already. If we continue to do the same thing we can probably expect the same outcome. We must be innovative but remain respectful. The case when scrutinised remains incredibly strong, in light of recent medal announcements it could be viewed as even stronger.  The Cabinet Office recently quoted  'A pressing and urgent need to recognise' those fighting Ebola as justification for a medal not the more usual 'Risk & Rigour', for instance.  So perhaps there is change afoot.


We remain apolitical in terms of allegiances, we feel there should be a cross party consensus. Having said that, the current political landscape is fairly clear. Libdems & UKIP have the NDM as policy, The DUP strongly support. Labour see cost as the stumbling block. Conservatives endorse the HD Committee decision and were lined up to block the NDM Bill. You must draw your own conclusions. We must take the case to whoever is in Government come May 2015 and not alienate ourselves from any.


NDM Could Have Covered Ebola Efforts

Posted by National Defence Medal on February 6, 2015 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (217)

A letter sent today to my MP:


We have been told endless times that there is a long tradition of only issuing medals for campaigns or gallantry, this was restated in the HoC last week. We know that’s nonsense but that is what has been peddled. We now hear of a new medal for those fighting Ebola, a worthy and challenging endeavour, not a campaign though, so what kind of medal is it?


The NDM would have covered such efforts. The prime minister might as well said, all those involved in the ‘Cold War’ (1000+ killed on duty), Nuclear Test Veterans (100s suffered), 53 killed outside of Northern Ireland and 100’s maimed, Post Armistice Korea, those who supported the Yangtze incident, those who served less than 90 days in Cyprus, Post War Carnage in Europe and the Far East, Porton Down Test veterans, etc etc, well your efforts and sacrifice is not worth a jot.


Furthermore we were told that politicians do not make decisions on medals, so I quote the prime minister “I intend to recommend to Her Majesty the Queen the introduction of a new medal”


WE have been lied to and now made to feel undervalued and insulted. This is not a dig at those in Africa, this medal merely demonstrates what can be done with just a little good will, sadly we have been shown none.


If you look at the Australian or New Zealand medal system you would see that they have all these scenarios sewn up in a well thought out and fair way. Both systems we have long advocated for the UK to use as a paradigm.


All I can say is if ever a government wanted to rub salt in the wounds of thousands of veterans then this has done it. Let’s not forget that the way the Holmes review was handled in the later stages lacked any transparency and ultimately just created more mistrust and resentment, an absolute shambles with few willing to speak out.  All in all an absolute disgrace.



REFERENCE:  Hansard - Ebola


My hon. Friend is absolutely right, and I am sure that everyone would like me to put on record my praise for those incredibly brave people who have worked in very difficult conditions, including over Christmas. They include doctors and nurses from our NHS and people from our armed forces, our civil service and non-governmental organisations. They are helping to save thousands of lives in Africa and protecting the UK from the potentially disastrous consequences of the disease spreading. In recognition of the bravery of those from the UK, I intend to recommend to Her Majesty the Queen the introduction of a new medal to pay tribute to their efforts. Details will be out in due course, and this should be in place by the summer. It is absolutely right to say that those people are incredibly brave and that we owe them an immense debt of gratitude.


Civil Servant: Govrnment will oppose NDM Bill

Posted by National Defence Medal on February 6, 2015 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (26)

Who is running this Country?

Mr Tilbrook informs an MP that the Government will oppose the NDM Bill:

Reply to Mr Tilbrook - Cabinet Office

Posted by National Defence Medal on January 24, 2015 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (41)


Richard Tilbrook

Head of the Honours and Appointments Secretariat

Ground Floor

1 Horse Guards Road

London SW1A 2HQ 22nd January 2015


Dear Richard,


Thank you for your letter dated 21st January. I really am most grateful for your reply together with your commitment to bring both yours and my recent letters to the attention of the HD Committee in respect of the medal review and in particular the National Defence Medal.


However, as you are aware our veterans have concerns about the diluted submission for the institution of the NDM that was presented to the HD Committee from which they have made their decision. This situation also appears to apply to numerous other submissions from medallic campaign groups such as the Korea Post Armistice veterans and the Cold War veterans.


Perhaps what is even more worrying is the following statement made by the HD Committee when considering the case for the NDM and being expressed by defence ministers in parliament and indeed yourself on behalf of the HD Committee in correspondence to MPs, veterans and members of the general public:


‘It would be against the tradition of the British medallic policy and, in particular, against the custom whereby medals are generally awarded to those who have participated in campaigns which have involved considerable risk and rigour.’



  • This is incorrect, British medallic policy includes four categories of medals available to the UK Armed Forces:
  • Medals for individual brave and meritorious service such as the Victoria Cross and Military Cross
  • Medals for specific operational campaigns such as Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Medals in recognition of periods of service in the Regular, Reserve and Cadet Forces
  • Medals in recognition of Service at specific times in Her Majesty’s reign, such as the Coronation, Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees for which the MoD are responsible for determining the criteria for the award to the Armed Forces in consultation with the HD Committee


The National Defence Medal would fit into either of the latter two categories without creating a precedent. This was highlighted in recommendation seven of Sir John Holmes Medal Review report dated July 2012 in which he wrote:

  • The idea of a National Defence Medal as recognition of service of whatever form is worthy of consideration but is in a separate category from military campaign medals and should be treated accordingly.

It would appear that this has not happened.


I fully respect your decision that you would not write to me again unless there is anything new or different to report, and as I said previously I am grateful for the way in which you have responded to me already. However, we now have a situation where not only does it look as though the HD Committee were asked to make a decision based on an extremely diluted case for the NDM but it also appears they had been incorrectly briefed in respect of British medallic policy for medallic recognition of our Armed Forces.


I now seek your support and that of the HD Committee in obtaining the Prime Minister’s approval and direction to reopen what has been an incomplete medal review and one which has not fulfilled his early wishes to ‘draw a line in the sand’ in this matter. We surely owe this to those who have served this Nation in the Armed Forces since the ending of World War Two.


I greatly appreciate the recent support you have given me


Yours with best wishes