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Disrespect of British Veterans’ Service to the Nation

NDM Chairman has called on Prime Minister May to reopen the shambolic Cabinet Office military medal review, which has revealed a disrespect of British veterans’ service to the Nation. (letter to Prime Minister dated 15 January 2018)

Freedom of Information Act requests submitted in respect of the medal review identified major failings. An inordinate amount of taxpayers’ money has been spent, especially on legal representation, in keeping hidden a murky process, which appears to involve the loss of government documents; failure to review some medal submissions; attempts to disguise the lack of thoroughness of discussions and unsound decisions made by members of the Honours, Decorations and Medals Committee; inaccurate and misleading statements to Members of Parliament and the likelihood misinformation has been presented to Her Majesty the Queen. (letter to Sir Jonathan Stephens dated 15 January 2018).

Sue Gray, Cabinet Office Director General, Propriety and Ethics, has been requested to determine if there is a need for her to initiate any action. (letter to Sue Gray dated 15 January 2018). It is also likely the Parliamentary Ombudsman may be asked to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the whole discredited Cabinet Office sponsored military medal review process.

Christmas Message from the Chairman

“It is one of the greatest pleasures of my job that I get to see at first-hand the incredible work of our armed forces. Those who serve our country deserve recognition for their sacrifice throughout their lives. I will continue to make sure that they get it.” Theresa May@theresa_may 9:41 AM-Dec 13, 2017.
Dear Veteran,

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.  First let me apologise for the length of this letter but I thought you would wish me to provide you with as full an update as possible.  It has been a busy year for many of our activists for which I would like to say thank you to them on your behalf.

As you are aware as each year has passed, the activities of the various medal campaign groups have lessened due to old age, frailty, illness or in many cases death.  Consequently in 2007 the National Defence Medal campaign was launched by representatives of these organisations coming together to make one concerted effort to achieve medallic recognition in their life time through a generic medal should their own claims fail.  Sadly, this year, as in previous years, some of our veterans are no longer with us and our thoughts are with their families at this particularly difficult time of year.  Our thoughts are also with those who are ill or infirmed especially those who have been so active in the various medal campaigns and the NDM campaign over the last ten years.  We are all getting older.

As in previous years, since 2014, my Christmas message focuses on the now discredited independent medal review, which was carried out under the sponsorship of the Cabinet Office.  The subsequent revelations obtained by Dr Martin Halligan through Freedom of Information Act requests have caused and continue to cause much concern and disquiet within the veteran community.

Dr Halligan uncovered the fact that the Advisory Military Sub Committee (AMSC), a sub-committee of the Honours and Decorations Committee (HDC), meeting minutes showed many of the same subjective comments recorded almost word for word as those which had been made in the previous discredited and aborted MoD medal review, particularly in respect of NDM costs.  The AMSC failed to review the Korea Post Armistice medal submission, failed to review the National Service Medal submission, the British Cold War Medal submission and many others. Consequently, significant questions have been raised as to the veracity of the AMSC deliberations and the validity of the advice provided to the HDC from which it made its decisions in respect of the medal review.


Official Complaint into Handling of Medal Review

As a result of information received through Freedom of Information Act requests, our Chairman submitted a complaint on 14 February 2017 to both the Prime Minister Theresa May and to the Minister responsible for the Cabinet Office in respect of the flawed military medal review. He requested that an investigation be carried out into the way that the Cabinet Office had failed to carry out an open, transparent and fair review and requested the Military Medal Review be re-opended. A redacted copy of that complaint can be found HERE.

It is a far reaching dossier and should cause concerns to all veterans in the way their submissions for medallic recognition have been dealt with.

Sir Jonathan Stephens the Chairman of the Honours, Decorations and Medals Committee was tasked with looking into this issue and he directed that a former senior civil servant (unnamed) should carry out an investigation.  That investigation report by the unknown senior civil servant dated 23 May 2017 can be found HERE.  The investigation into the Chairman's complaint was lacking in fact, indeed some might assess it as being a fudge.

On 28 July 2017 Sir Jonathan Stephens, on behalf of the Cabinet Office and presumably the Government, wrote to our Chairman, enclosed the investigation report and apologised that the Cabinet Office had used inaccurate costs which misled Parliament in respect of higher costs of the NDM. Sir Jonathan's letter can be found HERE.

Our Chairman replied to Sir Jonathan Stephens on 31 July 2017 expressing his disappointment at the failure to carry out a thorough investigation of the complaint and the misinformation that had been circulating in the Cabinet Office about the National Defence Medal.  Our Chairman's letter can be found HERE.

Once again the veterans of the Nation have been let down.  Now is the time for readers of the above documents, if they believe an injustice has been carried out, to write to their local MP and request that the military medal review be re-opened and all of the medal submissions made by the various medal campaign groups be reassessed fairly and in an open and transparent manner as promised by the former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Government Cover Up Unearthed?



On 29th July 2014 a Ministerial statement was made in the House of Lords in respect of the Honours, Decorations and Medal Committee (HDC) decision not to institute the National Defence Medal and many other medal submissions, which included recognition of service personnel injured or killed in conflict, National Service, Korean Post Armistice, Cold War, Sub Mariners and Nuclear Testing veterans. The timing of this statement was questionable as it was made the day after Parliament had risen for the summer recess thereby avoiding debate by MPs. The HDC membership comprises seven of the most senior civil servants in the UK.

This ministerial statement was surprising, it was as if the HDC had not been aware of the content of the submissions made by these veteran groups, many of whom had been campaigning for over 50 years.  This resulted in Dr Martin Halligan submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to the Ministry of Defence to obtain sight of the minutes of the Advisory Military Sub Committee of the HDC (AMSC) meeting minutes of 29th August 2013. The AMSC had supposedly studied the findings of the Sir John Holmes independent military medal review, sponsored by the Cabinet Office, and made recommendations after their exhaustive review of the findings and submissions by the veteran groups to the HDC.

The MoD refused to release the minutes, Dr Halligan appealed in August 2014. The MoD used their legal representatives to keep these minutes secret . During a three year period the MoD used every means  at their disposal to prevent these minutes from entering the public arena, but eventually the  appeal was upheld by the First Tier Tribunal which directed the MoD to release the minutes. These minutes were released in September 2016 and are contained on this web site. The minutes show that the case for the NDM and all the other submissions had not been rigorously reviewed. Both the National Service and Cold War veterans’ submissions were dismissed without any review, the NDM dismissed with discussions on cost only and not on its merits and the and Korea Post Armistice submissions documents not reviewed.  The recommendations therefore that went to the HDC, from which these seven senior civil servants made their decisions on the medal submissions representing millions of veterans since the ending of the Second World War were totally flawed. However, it should be noted that FOI requests have failed so far to identify how many of these most senior civil servants were there to make the decisions.

It was clear from this document, reluctantly released by the MoD, that the review, claimed by the Head of the Honours and Appointments Secretariat to have been transparent with decisions made as a result of extensive discussions through a careful and thorough review of submissions, in letters to veterans, service organisations and Members of Parliament, stretching over three years, was misleading and not correct. 

The Chairman wrote to the Prime Minister Theresa May,  in November and December 2016, requesting a meeting to discuss the above revelations and requested the shameful military medal review be reopened.  In both cases the Chairman’s letters were redirected by Number 10 to the Cabinet Office, Honours and Appointments Secretariat to reply.  In these replies the points made by the Chairman were dismissed.  This resulted in him submitting a comprehensive complaint on 14 February 2017 to the Minister responsible for the Cabinet Office about the lack of due diligence carried out by the Honours and Appointments Secretariat  in respect of the military medal review and that action now be taken to recommend to the Prime Minister  the medal  review be revisited.

Sir Jonathan Stephens KCB the Permanent Under-Secretary for the Northern Ireland Office and the Chairman of the HDC was tasked by the Minister to deal with the complaint.  He in turn on the 30 March directed an examination (investigation) be carried out by a retired senior civil servant.  On the 3rd April the Chairman requested that Sir Jonathan Stephens agree to the Chairman issuing a brief statement to veterans on the situation. As at today's date the 6 May no reply has been received, Parliament has been dissolved and a General Election is scheduled for the 8thJune. 

The campaign goes on to redress this injustice to millions of British Service veterans.  It should be noted that there are six Freedom of Information Act requests still outstanding in respect of this cover up.  Some have been on-going for over two years and most have now escalated through the Freedom of Information Act process to the First Tier Tribunal with one actually now reaching the Upper Tribunal.  Both the MoD and Cabinet Office have spent extraordinary amounts of taxpayers’ money since 2014 in keeping out of the public domain information about a military medal review, which the former Prime Minister David Cameron stated should be an open and transparent process and draw a line in the sand once and for all.  Veterans have suffered yet another injustice. 



NDM Video Confirms the Case


Dame Vera accepts the NDM Report

FORCES sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn has got behind a veteran campaigners quest for medal recognition for all members of the armed forces.  Roy Wilson wants a National Defence Medal (NDM) created for everyone who has served in the armed forces since the end of the Second World War.

The British Government has never considered service in the Armed Forces as the sole justification for an honour.

The liaison officer for National Service Veterans Association charmed the 94-year-old wartime songstress at the London Poppy Appeal launch, in Horse Guards Parade, in central London, last Thursday.

Roy, along with campaigners David Kelly from Peterborough and Eddie Mortimer from Kent, presented Dame Vera with a report on the long-running crusade.  Roy said: "She listened very intently, and the courtesy I got from her was lovely.

But it appears the trio ignored official protocol to land the picture "coup" with Dame Vera.  "Dame Vera was very polite and gave us our undivided attention, much to the annoyance of the time keepers." Said David, "Overall this was a fantastic coup for the campaign!"

The whole NDM team wish to thank Roy, Dave and Eddie for their amazing effort.

The Forgotten Heroes