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British Veterans National Defence Medal (NDM) Campaign

Reply to MOD response to Brian Sheppard

The MOD reply which failed to answer a single question

MOD pass the issue back to the Cabinet Office

 Letter to the Cabinet Office Jan 16

Template should you wish to write to the cabinet office

Cabinet Office reply which again fails to answer a single question we asked!

Our reply to the Cabinet Office - Feb 16

Letter to Mark Lancaster MP re costs of  NDM

2nd Reply from the Cabinet Office - no chnage in position - 23rd March 16

Our reply to the Cabinet Office - 30th March 2016

Letter from Mr Charles Lovelace FMM to the Prime Minister

Reply from cabinet Office dtd 4 May 16 - Another meaningless response

Reply to Cabinet Office Ltr dtd 4 May 16 and Ltr to Mark Lancaster MP

Open letter to the Prime Minister - 15 May 16

The Case for a Cold War Medal - Letter to HD Committee dtd 14th May 16

Reply from The PMs Office to our letter dtd 15 May

Reply from Hon Appt Office on behalf of the PM/Govt dtd 2 Aug 16

Lte to Mrak Lancaster on Veteran Numbers 10 Aug 16